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    A global community of women in hospitality to inspire one another. At any stage of your career this group is here to support you, to listen to you, inspire you through storytelling and forge real connections. Together we are stronger.



    Journey of discovery

    Over the past few months Naureen has been on a journey to connect and network with women in hospitality all around the world.


    One point of discussion that has come up consistently was a lack of a strong female network within hospitality. There is a need for community and mentorship.


    This inspired Naureen to develope the Inspire Programme: peer-to-peer mentoring with a twist.


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    So what makes this mentorship programme different from others?

    An issue we face in hospitality with mentorship programmes, is that there are not enough senior female leaders to mentor everyone else. Hence the reason to develop a peer-to-peer mentorship programme to bridge the gap. Relationships you can build today and carry forward through to the rest of your career.


    Naureen has been on several mentorship programmes herself and always felt that something was missing. Either there was no structure, no consistency, inability to move forward, not enough time spent getting to know one other. Therefore this programme starts with group workshops.





    Developing your support system

    At the start of the programme will be a series of group workshops curated by Naureen around different topics to get to know each other better over a three week period. Click here for more details on the topics.


    At the end of the three weeks, you will be paired off to begin the mentoring.


    This programme is open to anyone at any level of their career. The one thing that Naureen has learnt from her travels so far that it does not matter which stage of your career you are at, many of us do not have our support system in place. 

    Build you network

    Upon completion of the programme, you will automatically become part of this global commmunity of women in hospitality.


    You will have the opportunity to build your network, have access to more events like roundtables, podcast episodes, YouTube interviews and much more.


    Join this community to inspire and be inspired by the people in this noble industry.




  • Inspire Programme - Group Workshop Topics

    Over the course of the three weeks we will be going into further details on each of these topics below, learning what it means to yourself and to others in the group you will be with. It will be a safe space to speak openly about such topics and learn from one another.


    Defining your values will be the fundamental building block in this workshop. The exercise will have you reflect on what you have done in your life and what you find important. Your values will serve as guiding pillars for your next step in life.


    The discussion around hospitality brings together thoughts around the industry and lets you and the other group members share their stories in how they ended up in hospitality, their experiences, passion and niche within the industry. Together we explore all the different paths within hospitality, where they meet and how they sometimes go in different directions.


    The beauty about the hospitality industry is that it is by nature diverse. This workshop will explore our appreciation for culture diversity, what we have learnt from different cultures, our respect for other cultures and how it has impacted our lives.


    Taking advice from others is a great thing, but sometimes we need to listen to ourselves and our own instincts. By looking back at our lives, how we have reacted in certain situations and how we behave will be the pathway we will take to support in answering this question honestly.


    The meaning of family is different to everyone. This discussion will allow us to get insights to how you, and others, define family, balancing a career and family life, and the choice of being a mother.


    Traditionally, women had little involvement in managing personal or family finances. This is now starting to change, and we can be a part of this change. This session will bring awareness to the support and tools out there for women and their personal finances, and to encourage you to take ownership of your finances.


    In hospitality we focus on others, so let's talk about what you can do to take care of yourself. Share and learn about activities that bring you joy, hear about self-care rituals from others and discuss how to incorporate this into your life on a regular basis.


    Some people are natural networkers, others get anxiety of the thought of chatting to people they do not know. Learn about the importance of networking from others, share your experiences and discuss tips and tricks around the subject. Think about who is part of your support system.


    Having covered a number of topics, and having reflected upon things we usually do not think about on a day-to-day basis, we can start pulling things together. Thinking about your strength, ask friends what they think you are good at and see what you learn!

  • The Logistics of the Programme & Testimonials

    The programme starts with the group workshops of six to eight members each across different time zones. The workshops will be held over three weekends online which will include the discussion of topics listed above. We will be referring to videos, some online exercises and extensive use of breakout rooms. The purpose is to learn from one another through sharing of stories, perspectives and experiences to get to know one another better.


    At the end of the three weeks, you will be paired up to begin your peer-to-peer mentoring relationship. We will bring the group back together regularly to check on your progress.


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  • Inspire Roundtables

    The Inspire Roundtable are in-person pop up events that take place in cities all around the world. The event allows you to meet other women in hospitality in your city, raise questions and share your experiences.


    Past roundtables:

    London 21st July 2022 - Pan Pacific London

    Zurich 29th September 2022 - CitizenM Zurich

    Singapore 3rd November 2022 - CBRE Singapore

    Bangkok 26th January 2023 - Hotel Indigo Wireless Road

    Sydney 17th March 2023 - Ovolo Woolloomooloo

    London 9th May 2023 - The Athenaeum London


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  • About Naureen


    Naureen's Story

    I am Naureen Ahmed, hospitality professional, community builder, storyteller and founder of ‘Inspiring Women in Hospitality’ - and this is my story.


    By the time I was 10 I had already lived in four different countries, so going into hospitality was a very easy decicions for me. When I arrived at Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne for my undergraduate promme, I had found my people. Everyone had a wierd story like I did :)


    I said 'yes' to the first job that was offered to me and I moved to London. I worked at the Landmark London Hotel for a just under four years in operations. Then I joined STR, where I grew my career over the next 12 years. I had various roles during this time - analyst, reseacher, product development, marketing, head of departments, etc. I had the opportunity to learn the hospitality industry from a macro and global level. When I started STR was an unknown company in the industry and I am proud to have brought it to the brand it is recognised as today. I also developed my own leadership style and built a multicultural inclusive team culture.


    Throughout my 16 year career in hospitality I have meet amazing women in our industry. Yet I felt we did not have enough visbility for our voices to be heard. So I created the 'Inspiring Women in Hospitality' podcast to share the stories and inspire both women and men in our industry. They inspire me to do more to champion women in our industry.


    Women have so much to offer and all the research shows that a diverse team makes for a better workforce. I am on a mission to grow a global commmunity of women in hospitality to create stronger bonds and build a pipeline of future female leaders for our industry.


    5 words to describe me: Empathetic, Calm, Inquisitive, Multicultural, Developer

    My values: Respect, Joy, Curiosity, Diversity, Freedom

    My purpose: I want to shine the light on women in hospitality.

    Who inspires me: YOU

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