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    The global online community for like-minded women in hospitality.

    We empower career growth through an expansive network, amplify women's profiles, and advocates for their presence
    in decision-making spaces, ultimately fostering gender balance.



    Global Hospitality Community

    This community was set up in September 2023 by Naureen for her fellow women in hospitality, envisioning a haven where opportunities came a-plenty. The ultimate goal is to create an environment where members are able to network, learn from one another, mentor or be mentored, develop genuine connections and become advocates for a greater gender balance in the industry

    Get to know Naureen here.

    Join our inspiring community of women in hospitality

    • Join a community that bring women together from diverse cultures, backgrounds, experiences and ages.
    • Collaborate with like-minded women committed to promoting gender equality across all levels of the hospitality industry.
    • Access a platform for professional development and expand your industry connections.
    • Share your challenges and gain insights into overcoming them while learning effective strategies.
    • Engage in mentorship opportunities within your peer group.
    • Participate in structured career discussions facilitated by Naureen

    Most importantly, no one should have to feel like they are alone. This community is filled with women going through the same experiences as you.






    Creating opportunities to connect and learn

    A dedicated members site is available to make connections with members of the Inspire Community.


    The community meets on the second monday of each month online via zoom with meeting times to cover all the time zones.


    NEXT MONTHLY ZOOM ON THE 12th August 2024.


    Monthly calls are divided into three themes: Activity | Learning | Member Spotlights


    Mentorship opportunities can be facilitated within the community for you to continue fostering the connections you make in the community.


    Who are the members?

    • It is a global community with members spread across various time zones
    • Our members are in Corporate roles and/or female entrepreneurs in hospitality
    • Across the board, an average of 15 to 20 years of work experience
    • Multiple companies are represented. Amongst others: FM Recruitment, Accor, CitizenM , STR, Wyndham...
    • Our members are passionate individuals with a keen interest to network and meet like-minded women, whom somehow, may not had the chance to connect

    This community is here to help build bridges and tap into a network of professional women across the world. Through our diverse backgrounds, careers and minds, we can grow and learn from each others. The diversity of our members locations also means we can meet across the continents; which is why our monthly call, on the second monday of each month, has three time schedule a day to choose from.


    This is your invitation to join the community and be part of the gender balance vision.



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    Testimonials from the Inspire Community


    "Under Naureen's guidance, a remarkable community has flourished, uniting women from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and age groups. Participating in monthly exchanges has become a cherished opportunity to delve into various topics, fostering a deep understanding of each other's challenges and sharing strategies for overcoming them. Beyond that, these gatherings provide a valuable space to discuss the unique issues women may encounter in the hospitality sector, making it not only a platform for professional growth but also a wonderful avenue for expanding connections within the industry." - Davina


    "Naureen is a brilliant facilitator. In our sessions, she helps us tackle and reflect on the most relevant topics facing women in leadership. And with the support and mentorship of the group, we can feel confident to move forward in our careers. It's invaluable to have access to diverse perspectives and ideas from women at all levels in their career all over the world." - Jane M


    "Excellent opportunity to engage with other professionals in an informal environment, one that you wouldn't normally have the opportunity to do so unless it was something specifically work related. The roundtable offers people at all levels and points in their career to offer support to advice, no matter their job titles." - Andrea


    "Thank you, Naureen, for yet another life affirming, empowering conversation. The monthly meets are now firmly embedded in my calendar and a non negotiable when it comes to attendance! This is a time for me, and it's a time to feel uplifted, motivated and inspired by the incredible women involved. Anyone who hasn't joined yet, I urge you to do so, you will be glad you did." - Hulya


    "Naureen has identified a lack in our sector; to encourage the many women we work with to support each other and make the industry we love an example to all." - Katherine


    "I look forwardto the Inspire Community monthly calls - good opportunity to check in with friends and new contacts." - Jane L


    "A safe placethat was created for us to help women encourage other women. Surprisingly each time I walk away it is outstanding the similarities we have between us." - Nathalia

  • About Naureen

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    Naureen's Story

    I am Naureen Ahmed, hospitality professional, community builder, storyteller and founder of ‘Inspiring Women in Hospitality’ - and this is my story.


    By the time I was 10 I had already lived in four different countries, so going into hospitality was a very easy decisions for me. When I arrived at EHL, Hospitality Business School in Lausanne for my undergraduate programme, I had found my people. Everyone had a weird story like I did :)


    I said 'yes' to the first job that was offered to me and I moved to London. I worked at the Landmark London Hotel for a just under four years in operations. Then I joined STR, where I grew my career over the next 12 years. I had various roles during this time - analyst, researcher, product development, marketing, head of departments, etc. I had the opportunity to learn the hospitality industry from a macro and global level. When I started STR, it was an unknown company in the industry and I am proud to have brought it to the brand it is recognised as today. I also developed my own leadership style and built a multicultural inclusive team culture.


    Throughout my 17 year career in hospitality I have meet amazing women in our industry. Yet I felt we did not have enough visibility for our voices to be heard. So I created the 'Inspiring Women in Hospitality' podcast to share the stories and inspire both women and men in our industry. They inspire me to do more to champion women in our industry.


    Then in September 2023 I launched the Inspire Community to bring women together to build a solid foundation of women supporting women. Monthly zoom calls with structured discussions of your career development and access to mentorship.


    Women have so much to offer and the research shows that a diverse team makes for a better and profitable workforce. I am on a mission to grow a global community of women in hospitality to create stronger bonds and build a pipeline of future female leaders for our industry.



    5 words to describe me: Empathetic, Calm, Inquisitive, Multicultural, Developer


    My values: Respect, Joy, Curiosity, Diversity, Freedom


    My purpose: To shine the light on women in hospitality.


    Who inspires me: YOU

  • Where has Naureen been featured?

    Naureen understand the importance of visibility, which is why she is putting herself out there to be featured in articles and being invited as guests on other podcasts.


    Naureen had been nominated for an IWTA 2024 award for 'Women of Synergy'

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