• Inspire Roundtables

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    The Inspire Roundtables are in-person pop up events that take place in cities all around the world. The event allows you to meet other women in hospitality in your city.


    London 21st July 2022 - Pan Pacific London
    Zurich 29th September 2022 - CitizenM Zurich
    Singapore 3rd November 2022 - CBRE Singapore


    Bangkok 26th January 2023 - Hotel Indigo Wireless Road
    Sydney 17th March 2023 - Ovolo Woolloomooloo
    London 9th May 2023 - The Athenaeum London
    Paris 6th July 2023 - CitizenM Opera Paris
    Zurich 2nd November 2023 - CitizenM Zurich
    Geneva 30th November 2023 - Chez Max
    Singapore 18th December 2023 - No18


    Bangkok 19th January 2024 - AIHM campus
    Dubai 25th of June 2024 - The Halm Collective
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  • Inspire Networking Berlin. Sponsored by Hyatt

    DATE 15TH APRIL 2024


    Inspire Networking Bangkok

    DATE: 26TH APRIL 2024

  • Be Inspired

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    There is plenty of inspiration to be found


    Check out the podcast: 'Inspiring Women in Hospitality'

    Where I share stories from women all across the industry, all around the world at various stages of their careers. I believe that each and everyone has the capacity to be inspiring, we just have to believe it. The podcast gives a platform for our stories to be heard and build a bank of role models for the industry.


    Check out the YouTube Channel: 'In conversation with...'

    In this series I invite men from the industry and people from outside of the industry into the conversation. We want to learn from one another. Together we can work towards achieving gender balance.