How being a podcast host makes me a better coach.

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For over four years now, I have been hosting "Inspiring Women in Hospitality," conducting more than 200 interviews. Throughout this journey, the skill that has seen the most improvement is my ability to listen attentively.

My Unique Approach to Interviews

  • While many recommend thorough research before inviting guests on my podcast, I take a different approach. I briefly glance at their LinkedIn profile and may have a preliminary chat, but I intentionally avoid in-depth research. This allows me to enter conversations with an open mind, free from assumptions and judgment—a practice I also apply in coaching sessions.

Embracing Presence

  • By refraining from preparing specific questions or reviewing extensive research, I stay fully present during podcast interviews. Similarly, in coaching, I forgo pre-planned queries, letting my counterpart lead the discussion while I remain engaged.

Eliminating Distractions

  • To maintain focus during interviews and coaching sessions, I eliminate distractions by silencing notifications, turning off email and social media, and ensuring a private setting. This creates a conducive environment for open and confidential conversations.

Interpreting Non-Verbal Cues

  • Engaging with numerous women has honed my ability to interpret non-verbal cues, guiding conversations effectively. While podcast episodes may not delve deeply into these cues, coaching sessions provide a safe space to explore underlying meanings.

Enhancing Questioning Skills

  • Over time, my ability to ask insightful questions has evolved, contributing to richer and more meaningful discussions. This skill is pivotal in coaching, as it enables me to pose thought-provoking queries that unlock valuable insights.

Fostering a Safe Environment

  • Many podcast guests express initial nervousness, often sharing their stories for the first time. Feedback from my guests commonly highlights the comfort and safety felt during our conversations, a cornerstone I carry into coaching sessions to build trust and provide a secure space.

If these aspects resonate with you and you seek a coach, I invite you to connect with me for a transformative conversation.