Krystal Prakaikaew


· Podcast

On this episode we hear from Krystal. She prefers not to have titles, to allow herself to be more creative and involved in all areas of her business, The Slate Hotel in Phuket. We discuss the journey and transformation of this hotel from the family business to what it has become today. They honour the family's tin mining history for four generations and incorporated it into the designed on the hotel. From a young age she knew she was going to be in the hospitality business, she went away to learn French and was determined to study at the hotel school in Lausanne. Like me, adjusting to European culture and food, did take its time, but we both grew to love and appreciate all that food and culture can bring to us. Which is also an important part of her brand the Slate. Krystal used food to bring the local culture to the guests. She was prepared to be different, have faith in herself and go after what she believed in. She says to be bold, commit yourself and it is worth taking the risk.


Link to her podcast episode here .