Sara Rahmeh

· Podcast

On this episode we hear from Sara. She came into hospitality because of love, whilst the romance fizzled out, her relationship with hospitality stayed. She has worked in sales in the middle east and now in Denmark with CitizenM. We talked about the culture differences of working in the middle east vs Denmark, what had to be learnt and unlearnt each time she moved. ME is very fast paced, whereas in Denmark is more relaxed. Working long hours is not seen as a badge of honour and there is a greater respect for your personal life. We shared how we have both worn 'fake' wedding rings in different circumstances. How women make great leaders and we should celebrate that empathy makes us powerful. When it comes to confidence she emulates the abundance of confidence her male colleagues demonstrate and the way they promote themselves. Women need to get better at advocating for themselves. Outside of her work life she does theatre and she gets to bring that in with her into her work life too. Being authentic is key to being one with ourselves.


Link to her podcast episode here.