• Coaching with Naureen

    Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

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    One-on-one coaching

    Naureen has a vision, that in the next 5 to 10 years, there will be more women holding leadership positions across the industry. She wants to work with those women who have potential, drive, ambition to reach those leadership positions. One way of doing this is through coaching. Coaching was instrumental in her own career growth and she knows that together we can work towards transforming your growth.


    This is the next step for your career journey and confidently step forward with Naureen's support and guidance. Together we will get more women into rooms where decisions are being made.

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    How to work with Naureen?

    Reach out to me viahello@inspiringwomeninhospitality.com or use the link below to book an intro
    call. In this call we will discuss where you are in your career, what are your
    needs, what are your goals and how Naureen will be able to help you.

    Naureen uses a combination of coaching, mentoring,teaching based on her experiences, qualifications and knowledge. She is not afraid to ask you those challenging or thought-provoking questions to get you to reframe your perspective. She creates a safe space, free of any judgements, think deeply on your goals and help you make decisions.

    Together we will make an impact on gender balance.

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    The impact of coaching with Naureen

    “My coaching sessions have been a really rewarding experience that helped me progress both professionally andpersonally. Through specific exercises, listening and asking key questions, Naureen challenged me to make things change and to create my own solutions”– Lucie

    “I took a coaching session with Naureen to discuss mynext career steps.. Through discussions and writing down my personal goals, Iwas able to crystallize what my next steps should be”.– Nicole


    “Naureen created a safe space for me to open up and challenge myself to think about a subject I prefer to ignore. Shehelped me make a decision that was correct for me and my career." – Bianca


    “Having Naureen as my career coach was truly a privilege. Thanks to her guidance, I now feel more confident and focused in my career pursuits.”– Tien

    “Working with Naureen as mycoach was a transformative experience, contributingsignificantly to my overall growth. Naureen's engaging and supportive approach fostered an environment where I felt both personally and professionally
    developed” - Nia

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  • Be Inspired

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    There is plenty of inspiration to be found


    Check out the podcast: 'Inspiring Women in Hospitality'

    Where I share stories from women all across the industry, all around the world at various stages of their careers. I believe that each and everyone has the capacity to be inspiring, we just have to believe it. The podcast gives a platform for our stories to be heard and build a bank of role models for the industry.


    Check out the YouTube Channel: 'In conversation with...'

    In this series I invite men from the industry and peopel from outside of the industry into the conversation. We want to learn from one another. Together we can work towards achieving gender balance.