• What can organisations do to support the mission of #genderbalance?

    Are you ready to make a difference in the hospitality industry

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    Enrol female employees to the Inspire Communtiy

    The best way to describe the Inspire Community is that it is an external ERG (Employee Resource Group) for the female employeess of your organisation. The community takes away all the hassle of organising events and providing regular valuable content. At the same time they can broaden their network outside of the organisation, learn from one another and improve their leadership skills.


    As the employer, you will be recognised by the community of an advocate for #genderbalance and providing recognition and value to your female employees at the same time.


    Contact Naureen via hello@inspiringwomeninhospitality.com to get a corporate rate.

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    Coaching for your employees

    Naureen has designed a signature Inspiring Women Leadership Coaching Program that will be ideal for any of your female employees that have potential, but need that support to get them ready for those senior leadership position within your organisation.


    You can take this off-the-shelf program and incorporate it into your organisation. Remove the hassle of designing and female specific program. Why female specific? Because the research shows that bias's are stacked up higher than for our male counterparts, we have to take a different approach and learn to play to our strenghts.


    Reach out to Naureen via hello@inspiringwomeninhospitality.com to discuss a what program you need.

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    FM Recruitment and HPG - with three founding members of the Inspire Community. Andrea Shaw, Mara Cattaneo and Tairona Lattanzi.


    Halo Business Consutling - Ashleigh Donald


    CitizenM - with three founding Marion Carpentier, Virginie Roualt and Tamara Dias

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    How can Naureen make an impact in your organisation?

    There are various ways in which Naureen can support you to make an impact. Below are just a few ideas:

    • Host an internal podcat channel for your organisation that acknowledges and recognises the stories of your female employees
    • Naureen can help run your internal female leadership programs or your ERGs
    • Create mentorship or sponsorship programs for your organisation
    • and much more

    Reach out to Naureen on hello@inspiringwomeninhospitality.com and she will love to brainstorm some ideas with you.