Elsa de Jager

· Podcast

On this episode we hear from Elsa. While she was studying politics at university she worked as a steak house to pay the bills. It was during this experience she got into hospitality and never looked back. She believes that everyone should work in hospitality at least once in their life for the lessons it teaches you in resilience and empathy. She had some great mentors at the very start of her career, that helped shape her and taught her lessons that she took with her to every role she did. Lessons such as - ability to reach people, empathy, being prepared, show up, work ethics etc. We talked about Danny Myers 51 vs 49 rule : you need 51% of the attitude and 49% of the skills. Skills can be taught, but not the attitude. With her focus on people in her professional career, she now has a role in People and Culture. Culture is the foundation you build your business on and a strong brand will attract and retain good people.


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