Empowering Women through Peer-to-Peer Mentorship in the Inspire Community

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The InspireCommunity provides access to peer-to-peer mentorship for all members. Why
peer-to-peer? Because there simply aren't enough senior female leaders in our
industry to mentor everyone. By mentoring each other, we can share our
experiences, support one another, and provide guidance on any issues or topics
that arise. Let's build strong relationships now to carry with us throughout
our careers. Together we can become each other's champions.

Mentorship iscrucial for women in underrepresented leadership positions. The Inspire
Community eliminates barriers to mentorship by providing access to mentors and
encouraging members to become mentors themselves.

To ensure asuccessful mentorship experience, consider the following:

  1. It's a two-waystreet. Peer-to-peer mentorship is a mutual support system. Start with the
    intention of supporting each other and recognising the value each of you brings
    to the table.
  2. Finding the rightfit. The Inspire Community matches members based on years of experience,
    expertise, location, and other factors. The goal is to build genuine
    connections that can be carried forward.
  3. Be prepared. Comewith an agenda, questions, and possible solutions to discuss. Peer-to-peer
    mentorship is a collaborative process.
  4. Be curious and keepan open mind. Everyone's situation is unique. Ask questions to gain a full
    understanding of the matter at hand and the type of support needed.
  5. Active listening.Listen carefully without automatically jumping to solutions. Ask more questions
    before responding.
  6. Respect people'stime. Dedicate this time to investing in each other and being present for one

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