Safe space for like minded women in hospitality through the Inspire Community

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Creating a Safe and Supportive Community for Women: The Inspire Community

I have established a community for women that provides a secure and comfortable
environment where members can connect with like-minded individuals. The
community has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with members often
expressing gratitude for the safety and warmth they feel when interacting with

My podcast is an integral part of the community, as it allows guests to share
their stories in a relaxed and welcoming setting without fear of judgment. I
ensure that the focus is on the guest, and I listen intently to their
experiences. As the conversation continues, the guests begin to feel more at
ease and comfortable sharing their stories. The goal is for each woman to feel
proud of her accomplishments and celebrate them with the world.

The Inspire Roundtables offer an opportunity for women to meet in person and
discuss their careers in an open and supportive environment. These roundtables
bring together women from various backgrounds and experiences, providing a safe
space for them to speak their minds and share their experiences. The
roundtables often feel like group therapy sessions, and the connection made
among participants is invaluable.

To continue building on the community's foundation, I created the Inspire
Community, an online platform where women worldwide can connect and further
discuss their careers. The community offers peer-to-peer mentorship and
opportunities for learning and development. It is the only global community of
its kind, making a significant contribution to gender equality in our industry.

The Inspire Community carries the same ethos as the podcast and roundtables,
providing a safe haven for women to share their experiences. The peer-to-peer
mentor matching feature enhances the supportive environment and allows for
further growth and development. Together, we can create a gender-balanced
future in our industry.

You can sign up here to be part of the Inspire Community