Uniting diverse groups of women through the Inspire Community

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TheInspire Community is a source of great pride for me, bringing together a
diverse group of people who are united in the pursuit of gender balance. Our
community comprises women from different backgrounds, cultures, experiences,
and ages, hailing from all over the world – from Australia to North America.
Through our shared purpose, we have created a space where women can connect and

One ofthe most exciting aspects of the community is witnessing women who may not have
met under normal circumstances come together for the first time. I have seen
women who work in the same city, have been in the industry for over 20 years,
and whose companies have done business together, yet have never met. The
Inspire Community creates networking opportunities and connects members from
all over the globe. This has become particularly important as not every
individual within an organisation will attend industry events. By meeting
online once a month, across different time zones, we have created a space that
is more accessible and inclusive.

The Inspire Community has normalised networking, making it more accessible to all.
By meeting online, we have made it accessible and less of a time commitment.
The time commitment per month is only one hour, and if you are matched with a
peer mentor, you will choose how much time to spend together. The online format
has the potential to lead to offline meetings and events, such as the Inspire
Roundtables. Here, we hear from each other's experiences, and while each story
is unique, there is always something that will resonate with and connect you to

The Inspiring Women in Hospitality podcast provides an opportunity to share stories from a diversepool of industry talent. The stories shared are from different parts of the
world, and the variety of career paths is astounding. Women in hospitality can
have fulfilling careers and it is a great industry to be a part of. The Inspire
Community is here to create opportunities for connection and to foster
stronger, more meaningful connections.

Find out details on how to join the community here.