Eva Chan

· Podcast

On this episode we hear from Eva Chan. Even though she had a real passion for hotels from a young age, her parents wanted her to have a 'real professional' career. So to satisfy her parents she trained to be an accountant and spent a few years in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Japan. Then she decided that it was time to follow her own passion and went for a masters in hospitality at Oxford Brooks. It was pure determination that got her into an event to help build her connections to get contacts for her thesis. She then transitioned her career into hospitality with roles at Michels and Taylor, JLL and now with Wyndham. She shared the importance of staying curious, keep your mind open to different opportunities. One such opportunity took her to Peru to present a paper she worked on with her colleague. She shares how she balances motherhood with work, which was especially challenging during the pandemic and having supportive employer was a real blessing. Use listening skills to make connections, is her key to her success and just go for it.


Link to her podcast episode here.