Maria Malaniia

· Podcast

On this episode we hear from Maria and special guest, her dog, who also contributed to the conversation :) It was her desire to want to work with people that translated for her to have a career in hospitality. She was fascinated by all the possible careers you can have in tourism and hospitality. An internship with IHG translated into a five year career with them where she was introduced to branding. And this is where she found her place in the industry. She loves the creativity that comes with branding and how it translates into both the physical space and the guest experience. She has now become a freelance brand manager and is applying all her experiences with her clients. As a freelancer she has also had to teach herself sales, which was not something she thought she would do, but she reminds us that anything is possible. She also has a channel The Savvy Hotelier, where she imparts her knowledge from the industry and help graduates with their careers. We talked a lot about branding, a topic that we both enjoy and found ways to weave it throughout the conversation. It was her answer to my final question 'Who Inspires you?' that inspired me. Yourself. We are each out own inspiration, take time to take stock of your lives and recognise all that you have achieved.


Link to her podcast episode here.