Leah Murphy

· Podcast

On this episode we hear from Leah. She is one person who has truly done every role possible in hospitality. Like me she thought she would have a career for life in F&B, like me also discovered revenue management and never went back. After her masters she got into consulting and was with HVS for 14 years. Now she has started her own business as hotel owner. We talked about the lack of female owners in hospitality. There are some family business with Asian American female owners, however outside of this its very sparse. In all her years as a consultant she interacted with maybe one female owner. This needs to change and Leah wants to be that change maker. One of the key learnings she shared was the power of relationships and networking and she wished someone had told her about this at the start of her career. No matter how much it may make you cringe sometimes, it is extremely valuable when you can create those meaningful connections. She also said don't be so hard on your self :'You can only do your best, and your best is different everyday".


Link to her podcast episode here.