Virginie Rouault

· Podcast

On this episode we hear from Virginie. Throughout this conversation she shared her learnings from each stage of her career and there is a lot we can be inspired from this conversation. A chance prize win for a holiday at club med, introduced her to the world of hospitality and she never looked back. Throughout her education she worked part time, like an apprenticeship, which meant she had a good amount of work experience to get her first jobs. The relationships you build this way are different to those on internship. Learning and getting support from your peers was the key to her success in one of her sales roles. She joined CitizenM just when they entered into France, she was the first person to apply for the sales role when it opened up and she instrumental to the success of the launch in France, which is not an easy market to enter into as a new brand. She learnt that once you become a manager and start leading a team, your role becomes more internal focused than externally. She also learnt to build her confidence, which came with time and maturity, learning to say no, which protects your priorities and the service you give.


Link to her podcast episode here.