Lindsay Madden-Nadeau

· Podcast

On this episode we hear from Lindsay. She started travelling from the age of 21 with a career in hospitality and warmer weather. It was in the Caribbean where her career in spa started, which we now more commonly refer to wellbeing. She moved to the middle east, where she spent several years building her career in spa and wellbeing with various corporate brands. Then in 2020 she moved to the South of France, a place that has always been special for her, to start her own wellbeing consultancy - Meraki, working on concept development. We discussed how the younger generations are changing the way we think, live and work. Why can't we have several homes and why do we have to work 9 to 5. Importance of listening to yourself, often you will find the answers within. Throughout her career she has worked with coaches to help her navigate through various stages of her life, asking her the question to help her find the answers within. Once she was clear on her values, everything fell into place.


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